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Do imported hex bolts meet the requirements of F1554 grade 36?

In most cases, mild steel hex bolts that are readily available in the marketplace will not meet the requirements of F1554 grade 36. In theory, imported A307 grade A hex bolts might meet the F1554 grade 36 requirements, but the test reports that accompany the product, if they even exist, will not verify this. The A307 grade A specification only has mechanical requirements for tensile strength (60 ksi minimum) and elongation (18% minimum). F1554 grade 36 has different requirements for tensile and elongation, in addition to having requirements for yield strength and reduction of area. Since A307 grade A does not have requirements for these additional two mechanical properties, they are typically omitted from the test reports, making it impossible to prove they meet all of the criteria without additional testing. There are very few companies besides Portland Bolt, if any, that inventory F1554 Grade 36 headed anchor bolts. Portland Bolt stocks ASTM F1554 Grade 36 hex head anchor bolts in 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″ diameters, and will manufacture any diameter and length combination that is not in stock.

ASTM Spec Mechanical Properties
Yield, ksi, minimum Tensile, ksi Elongation, minimum Reduction of Area, minimum
A307 Grade A 60 min 18%
F1554 Grade 36 36 58 – 80 23% 40%
— indicates there is no requirement.