ASTM F1554 anchor bolts can be straight rods (either fully threaded or threaded on each end), bent anchor bolts, or headed bolts.

Anchor Rods

straight_rodTypically have a nut and/or anchor plate embedded in the concrete foundation to provide pull-out resistance. The nut and/or plate are often welded to the bottom of the anchor rod. Fully threaded rods can be used with epoxy in preexisting concrete slabs.

Bent Anchor Bolts

bent_anchorThese anchor bolts have a 90° bend (right angle bend) that provides pull-out resistance. The smooth rod is bent to form an “L” shaped hook and is embedded in the concrete. This design provides the anchorage.

Headed Anchor Bolts

headed_boltHeaded bolts are turned upside down and poured into a concrete foundation with the threads projecting from the concrete and the head providing pull-out resistance. A square or round plate is often welded to the head of the bolt (for grades 36 and 55) to provide additional strength.