F1554 Summary

ASTM F1554 is the newest construction fastener specification developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials and covers steel anchor bolts intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations. Chemical requirements, mechanical properties, and dimensional tolerances are all covered under the F1554 specification.


ASTM F1554 consists of three grades that correspond to the minimum yield strength of the steel. These grades are as follows:


Learn more about common configurations of straight rods, bent anchor bolts, and headed anchor bolts that are the three different bolt designs this specification covers.

Product Identification and Marking

The end of each anchor bolt intended to project from the concrete requires a color code to identify the grade as follows:


Permanent manufacturer’s identification markings (Supplementary Requirement S2) and/or permanent grade identification markings (Supplementary Requirement S3) can be specified on the inquiry and purchase order. However, only color coding is required. When one or both of the supplementary requirements are specified, the end of the anchor bolt intended to project from the concrete shall be steel die stamped. Grade identification markings are as follows:

F1554 Grade 36 F1554 Grade 55 F1554 Grade 105

Dimensional Criteria

Body Diameter: Both full-bodied cut thread anchor bolts or reduced-bodied roll thread anchor bolts are acceptable, and either can be supplied at the discretion of the manufacturer (unless otherwise specified).

Bolt Length Tolerance1 ± 1" for lengths over 24"
± 1/2" for lengths 24" or less
Hook Length Tolerance ± 10% or ± 1/2" whichever is greater
Bend Angle ± 5°
Thread Series Unified Coarse Thread Series per ANSI/ASME B 1.1
Thread Tolerance Class 2A
Thread Length Tolerance +1", -0"
Straightness Tolerance Undefined
1 Overall length of straight anchor bolts, or length to the inside of the hook.
** All tolerances are standard unless otherwise specified.